I used to Read Labels only for the Calorie Content

May 27, 2019by Alice Smith0

http://15h.7fd.myftpupload.com/wp-comments-post.php When I used to look at labels I scanned only for the calorie content, amount of fiber, and aim for the lowest amount of fat possible. I was so wrong. The most important part of that label is the ingredient list. My rule of thumb that I teach all my clients is to choose items with 5 ingredients or less and know what those ingredients are. If the ingredient list is long and you don’t know how to pronounce some of the words, it is probably not a good choice for daily consumption.


compazine cost walmart This is easy to do when you stick to whole foods. For example, you don’t have to read a label on a banana to know there is only one ingredient — a banana. Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store and try to avoid the center aisles as much as you can.

These heavily processed “veggie” chips that look healthy from the front of the bag. The chips are colorful and it even says “snack healthy, be healthy!” — why would you not add that to your cart? Check out the ingredient list — this is anything but a vegetable. There are over 20 ingredients. Check out the bag of carrots. One ingredient. Carrots with hummus would be a much healthier and cheaper snack.



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