I’m Over Gel Nails

May 27, 2019by Alice Smith0

manufacture http://www.inspiair.ca/15298-zoloft-cost.html I commend people who always have their fingernails done. My boss does and she looks like a million bucks at all times. Not only are her nails always done but she is just classy and put together in general, but her nails being done is just that added touch that makes all outfits pop.

http://locatinglifestyle.com/88641-buspar-cost.html So of course y’all know my first issue with it is “I’m sure its toxic”. Story.of.my.life. It’s like I’ve educated myself so much that it freaks me out. Sometimes I almost wish I knew less and was just oblivious like I used to be and would buy makeup and nail polish and body lotion because it was on sale.

create https://www.ibprairies.org/48182-female-viagra-where-to-buy.html I tried to get past it a few months ago when I was going to Mexico for my birthday. I thought it would look nice to have coral gel nails and it looked great. I loved it, it made my bathing suits and every outfit pop. Pictures of me holding a frozen drink with the ocean in the background also looked great because of my nails.

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http://vixentubez.com/52321-buy-acyclovir.html publish Fast forward 9 days and they were peeling off. I knew from times before NOT to just peel them off myself because it damages your nails. So I didn’t. But they were peeling up from the bottom and my hair was getting caught in them in the shower or when I was putting it up. It was awful. So I get home from Mexico and then have them taken off and I thought it couldn’t have done too much damage they haven’t even been on here two weeks. Boy was I wrong. My nails were brittle and thin.

vasdecom orlistat It took 3 months for them to get hard and healthy again.

buy clomid in mexico Another thing that freaks me out is the UV rays from the nail lamp they use to harden your nails. It can’t be good for your hands or your nails. I read about a 21 year old girl who had nail melanoma and was told that the nail lamps and like tanning beds for your hands. So that of course scared me to death. You can wear special gloves to cover your hands or sunscreen on your hands if you still want to get them. (We will talk about sunscreen another day too.)

With all that being said gel manicures are fairly new and there isn’t a ton of research in this area so we really don’t know the long term health effects.

And of course the polish is toxic so that freaks me out too. (We will cover that topic another day too).

Not to mention it is time consuming and pricey. I had to come to terms with the fact that my nails would be plain and boring but getting them done isn’t for me.

But speaking of nails, you can tell a lot about your health by looking at your fingernails. CRAZY thing when I originally did a sugar detox several years ago when my diet was horrible I took a before and after pic of my nails and it was crazy how they cleared up in just ten days.

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