Processed Foods are Killing Us

May 27, 2019by Alice Smith0

click for source The Standard American Diet is horrible and is full of convenient, heavily processed foods that are killing us. I watched a documentary that said the way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the previous 10,000. We are sicker, bigger and more tired than we have ever been and the foods we eat are a huge part of that problem.

this You want your food to go bad. Ask yourself: if this food item fell under the seat of my car how long would it take to realize it? If a french fry fell under your seat it would probably look the same and possibly taste the same months later. A banana would not.

linked here Foods have become a chemical concoction and our bodies are a test lab. We don’t know how to process and digest these foreign particles. This gets back to my rule of 5 ingredients or less, and know what those ingredients are.

see it here

اسهم اعار مولز للبيع So my advice is to check your pantry and fridge and see what heavily processed items you can swap out for a real food.

أفضل منصة تداول للعملات الأجنبية

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