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  • Alice Smith
    It was thoughtful. And smelled good. But I couldn’t slather it on my body every day knowing that it was toxic and full of chemicals that would seep into my skin and go directly in my bloodstream. Ever thought about hormone or birth control patches? How do they work? They
  • Alice Smith
    Where did “8 cups of water a day” even come from? Not sure.. probably the same unscientific place that said not to eat too many eggs because of their cholesterol content. My rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water daily. That means
  • Alice Smith
    When I used to look at labels I scanned only for the calorie content, amount of fiber, and aim for the lowest amount of fat possible. I was so wrong. The most important part of that label is the ingredient list. My rule of thumb that I teach all my
  • Alice Smith
    I was talking with a friend the other night and she was saying how she had recently read about purpose and that she needed to define hers. It made me start thinking about my purpose. What do I do that really feeds my soul? That gives me energy, wakes me

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